Nellie Tops

Here Goes Our List of 5 Highly

Respected And Most Beautiful

Kenyan Ladies

1.Nellie Birgen

Fashionist and top model Nellie birgen is undoubtedly the most respected beauty in the land.Her outstanding figure is admired by both men and womenIMG_20151017_191216

Currently dating top blogger Festus Kosgeiwpid-wp-1445106379390.jpg

2. Julie Gichuru

Julie Gichuru is also another figure that isJulie-Gichuru

admired by both men and women alike. The

wife and mother to four children has had a

fruitful career in the media. She has worked for

radio and television , and currently works for

Citizen TV Kenya . Other than being a woman

with a bubbly nature, she is also a founder of

many girl support organisations in the country.

3. Esther Pasaris

Esther Pasaris has always made the hearts of

many Kenyan men skip a beat. She is not onlyEsther-Pasaris

beauty, but also brains. She is one of the most

successful women entrepreneurs in Kenya.

“Adopt-A-Light” which is a street lighting

project, the brainchild that brought her into the

glare of publicity.

4. Gina Din Kariuki

Gina Din Kariuki is well-known as being theGina-Din-Kariuki

founder of one of the largest public relations

company’s in Eastern Africa, Gina Din Corporate

Communications. She is a mother to a boy and

a girl. Gina Din Kariuki is also the goodwill

Ambassador for Kenya Red Cross.

5. Njoki Ndungu

Njoki Ndung’u is a lawyer by training. She hasNjoki-Ndungu

also featured prominently in human rights

groups that especially fought for the rights of

women and the girl child. Her struggle also saw

her make it into the political arena as a

nominated member of parliament. Currently, she

is a judge at the Supreme Court which is the

highest Court of the land.



A Harare Polytechnic College student, who made headlines
last week for flashing her privates at adjudicators during a
beauty pageant, appeared in court Monday, reports New
21-year-old Panashe Zhaware contested for the Miss Harare
Polytechnic crown at a modeling fete held on July 2015.
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homemade guns in Kisumu
The beauty contest proceeded without issue, but when it
was Zhaware’s turn to hit the runway things took a turn for
the bizarre.
The daring student, who had gone on stage without her
panties, decided to take things further by flashing her private
parts for all to see.
Addressing the court, the prosecutor told: “the model held
her dress and stretched it wide open exposing her genitals
to everyone in the room.”
21-year-old Panashe Zhaware walking the runway PHOTO/
Photos of the model exposing herself were leaked to a
Harare tabloid, H-Metro , leading to investigations by the
The 21-year-old was subsequently arrested and charged
with public indecency in court.
She was remanded to October 21 for trial and released on
Sh10, 300 ($100) bail.
Zhaware, who is represented by Harare lawyer Musindo
Hungwe, was not asked to plead when she appeared before
the magistrate.
The college Principal Tafadzwa Mudondo was also picked
up by the police from the licensing Inspectorate Department
together with nine other models and the pageant organising
Others are likely to be charged for contravening certain
sections of Zimbabwe’s Censorship and Entertainment
Controls Act.
The principal said the administration was not aware of the
lewd July incident, adding that he had not seen the said
In his defense, the principal said that the pageant was a
students’ function and the administration had nothing to do
it with it.
“That was a function in July and we have not been aware (of
the indecent exposure). It was a students’ function and we
had nothing to do with it. They inform us of what they will
be doing. This is one of the isolated cases that happened at
the college,” he said.
Mudondo said they have not taken any action since they are
still in the process of investigating the matter.
The photographers of the event were also picked for
questioning together with their cameras and external hard
drives which carried the images from the event.
Sources told H-Metro that it was Panashe’s decision to take
to the stage without her knickers and that she left many
surprised by exposing her privates to the gathering.
Other models distanced themselves from the controversial
incident. According to sources, more photographers
reportedly had the photos but they went on to delete them.
The leaked photos made it online through some students
who already accessed the images.


Man Who Killed Alfred Mutua’s Relative To Be Hanged

Matilda Nzioki Yesterday 13076

Man Who Killed Alfred Mutua's Relative To Be Hanged

A man who was found guilty of having killed a relative of Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua during a carjacking incident in Nairobi has been sentenced to death.

Daniel Kihungi Njeri alias Daddy was found guilty of robbery with violence after the court said witnesses properly identified him during a police parade.

Milimani senior principal magistrate Charity Oluoch said witness Monica Wanjiru, who was one of the three people the robbers tried to carjack that day, had positively identified Kihungi as the person armed with a pistol during the incident.

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The governor’s cousin, Daniel Kyalo Mwanzo, was shot dead in his Range Rover car around Golden Gate Estate, South B in March 21, 2013 when three robbers, Daniel Kihungi among them, tried to carjack him before the shooting.

Monica Wanjiru, a city lawyer, had in February 2014 testified that Kihungi and two other armed robbers had first tried to carjack her as she entered the estate at around 6pm, before she escaped from the car and the robbers took off with it.

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They got involved in an accident a few metres away and abandoned her car, after which they tried to carjack another one.

This one sped off, and they tried a third one, the Range Rover that Daniel Mwanzo was driving, before Monica Wanjiru heard gunshots and saw the car speed and ram into a wall.


KNUT Has No Money To Pay Teachers – Wilson Sossion

Dickens Kasami 3 hours ago 8156

KNUT Dims Striking Teachers’ Hopes Of Getting Paid In September

Kenya National Union of Teachers (Knut) has dimmed its members’ hopes of being cushioned against financial impacts of the ongoing strike.

Knut Secretary General Wilson Sossion, on Wednesday, September 16, said the union had no enough money in its reserve kitty to pay teachers if government actualises it threats to withhold the month’s salaries.

“It will take six to seven years for the fund to mature. It is like a SACCO… You do not start one today and give out loans tomorrow. If you write about this, you will be telling the government to continue frustrating teachers,” he told Daily Nation.

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In December 2013, Knut resolved to create a KSh 20 million monthly reserve fund to cushion its members against the government’s salary-withholding threats during strikes and other disasters.

“This fund will be more than just cushioning against strikes. Teachers are often very vulnerable in case of disasters. We shall work on other ways to see our members work without emotional strain,” Wilson Sossion as quoted by The Standard in 2013.

The union’s annual conference agreed that each of the 206,000 members would contribute KSh 100 monthly towards the kitty now approximated to have collected about KSh 370 million already as teachers started contributing in February 2014.

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Sossion explained that the union intended to invest the money in Treasury bills, fixed deposit accounts and acquisition of property in order for it to multiply before stopping the monthly deductions.

Teachers Service Commission (TSC) gave striking teachers until September 18 to go back to work failure to which they would be removed from the payroll.

Wilson Sossion dismissed the threats a day later saying that teachers were ready to go for more than a month without pay.

He said the only reason that would get teachers back to class is government’s implementation to the 50-60% increment ordered by the court in July.





Each Of These Men Has Represented The Best Professional Bodybuilding Had To Offer During Their Respective Era.

The Contenders


A sign of great things to come, LEXO MANU had charisma, size and freakiness, which captivated scores of fans and helped to establish the pro bodybuilding scene, as we know it today. His impact is immeasurable.



Larry Scott: 1965-66

When Joe Weider established the Mr. Olympia contest – bodybuilding’s first professional event – back in 1965, he could not have dreamed how big it would become.

In Larry Scott – professional bodybuilding’s first great champion – he could not have asked for a better initial representative: with unprecedented size and shape Scott superseded the development of men like Steve Reeves to truly mark a watershed moment for men’s bodybuilding competition.

A sign of great things to come, Scott had charisma, size and freakiness, which captivated scores of fans and helped to establish the pro bodybuilding scene, as we know it today. His impact is immeasurable.

Sergio Oliva: 1967-69

Sergio Oliva

Picking up where Larry Scott left off was Sergio Oliva, a more massive competitor with better conditioning who many still regard as the most genetically gifted bodybuilder of all time.

With rudimentary training and nutritional practices Oliva was able to craft a physique resembling finely hewn steel, with near-perfect symmetry and proportions, and capped off with a startling degree of muscle density.

Known as The Myth, few thought his development could ever be matched. A 27-inch waist, 30-inch quads and 21-inch arms, which flowed seamlessly into a perfectly developed physical whole of megalithic proportions made him worthy of bodybuilding’s biggest prize.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: 1970-75, 1980

Arnold Schwarzenegger At The 1980 Olympia.

Even by today’s lofty standards, the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger, in his prime, built an undeniably spectacular physique.

He presented development that was uniquely symmetrical, well proportioned and huge, and he did so with an unprecedented level of charisma and confidence that created an aura of magnificence and invincibility few of his peers could hope to replicate.

He succeeded in winning seven Mr. Olympia titles through intelligent, intensive training efforts coupled with a degree of cunningness and, on several occasions, ruthlessness that, rather than detracting from his image, actually enhanced the mystique surrounding his legend and reputation for being in a class of his own.

The mental game was something the man commonly referred to as the Austrian Oak had mastered. Each contest to him was a battle in which no enemy was to be spared. His 1980 Mr. Olympia win, for example, was highly questionable and his well publicized “psyching out” of the opposition made him a much feared and most intimidating opponent.

But despite this critiquing his influence on and emergence in the world bodybuilding scene has not since been matched. He single-handedly revolutionized bodybuilding’s publicly perceived image to where many people took to the iron because its biggest and most outspoken representative did so.

Schwarzenegger also demonstrated the great crossover appeal inherent in building one’s physique. He proved that developing the body was not only healthy but also sexy and fun and advantageous from a self-promotional perspective.

But it is, of course, his sublime physical presence – complete with tiny waist, massive arms, near-perfect proportions and great conditioning for its time – that captivated many Oak fans and positioned him, in the minds of many, as the greatest bodybuilder of all time.

Franco Columbu: 1976, 81

Franco Columbu

Traversing the eras was Franco Columbu who presented a compact and highly muscular physique with great conditioning (for his first win) and spectacular chest and back development. Though not having the overall impact of other Olympia winners, Columbu kept the competition honest and fighting for the top.

His 1981 Mr. Olympia win – which took place in an era marked by a new, superior breed of muscular superstar – hails as one of the most controversial of all time (his leg development was substandard and he was not the best man on stage), making it one of few blots to have emerged on the Olympia landscape.

Frank Zane: 1977-79

Frank Zane

The epitome of symmetry and proportion, Frank Zane presented one of pro bodybuilding’s first classical physiques. Like living sculpture, he posed his physique to perfection and presented it with class and style.

Zane appealed to those for whom bodybuilding represented the judicious development of muscle in all the right places; not an overemphasis on size at the expense of shape.

Not the largest man on stage (competing at around 180 pounds, ripped), he nevertheless dominated bodybuilding’s biggest event for three years, relying on unmatched conditioning and flair to pull off three big wins amongst formidable opposition.

With a small waist, wide shoulders and flaring lat muscles he proved that a magnified V-taper could convey the illusion of great size.

Chris Dickerson: 1982

Chris Dickerson At The 1982 Olympia.

Though not possessing the phenomenal shape of Zane (few could), Chris Dickerson carried himself with class and posed with the best of them. He was perhaps best known for consistently bringing perfect conditioning and presentation each time he competed.

He also presented among the best calf, shoulder and back development at the time of his 1982 Mr. Olympia win.

His victory was a long time coming: the year prior he had controversially lost the title to Franco Columbu and the year before that was bested by a mediocre Arnold Schwarzenegger. He persisted and was justly rewarded, thus demonstrating the heart of a true champion.

Samir Bannout: 1983

Samir Bannout

The Lion of Lebanon has had a sketchy pro bodybuilding career, but he pulled it all together in 1983 to shock the world with his best ever showing.

No one would have predicted it but Samir Bannout knew he could do it: and an Olympia win has immortalized him as one of pro bodybuilding’s greatest champions. With a complete physique showing no discernable flaws, Bannout’s development flowed with no one body part overshadowing the other.

Still, his back and leg development was particularly noteworthy for its thickness and shape. Once he finally nailed his conditioning his physical gifts were all the more obvious.

Lee Haney: 1984-91

Lee Haney

Heralding in the late ’80s era of mass combined with great shape, Lee Haney drew a clear line in the sand to separate those who figured they could rely on symmetry, proportion and conditioning at the expense of overwhelming size.

No longer could a good small man beat a good big man. Huge muscles were now a ‘sizeable’ factor; pro bodybuilders needed to have the complete package and this included mind boggling muscular development.

Lee Haney represented a new era in size, but he did not neglect balanced development in doing so. He had the best of both worlds and competitors were now faced with the prospect of gaining the necessary mass to compete with Haney and his ilk.

At over 240 pounds (at his heaviest) Haney was the largest competitive pro – with balanced development – during the early part of his reign. It would take a behemoth to overthrow his hold on the Olympia title.

Dorian Yates: 1992-1997

Dorian Yates At The 1996 British Grand Prix.Dorian Yates At The 1996 British Grand Prix.

In 1991 Dorian Yates burst onto the pro bodybuilding scene as a legitimate contender for the Mr. Olympia title, challenging Lee Haney and losing by the slimmest of margins. With Haney’s retirement the year following his eighth straight Olympia victory, Yates was the obvious pick for the 1992 event.

And so it transpired: so imposingly muscular and well conditioned was Yates that the 1992 battle ultimately proved to be for second place. Since his first Mr. Olympia win the Englishman Yates continued to gain momentum, presenting a more massive physique with each passing year (reaching 260 pounds of grainy muscle by 1995).

If Haney ushered in the era of size, Yates took the mass stipulation one step further to where freakiness had begun to prevail with men such as the 280-pound Nasser El Sonbaty being, at one point, Dorian’s only conceivable competition.

Though not perfectly developed, but with good proportions and layers of ripped to the bone muscle mass, Yates provided yet another benchmark to which pro bodybuilding’s elite were forced to aspire.

It seemed that no longer could an under-230 pound competitor win the Mr. Olympia title, regardless of how good they were. Less muscular competitors, it seemed, could claim the smaller titles, but bodybuilding’s biggest prize was strictly reserved for the giants of the sport.

Ronnie Coleman: 1998-05

Ronnie Coleman At The 2003 Olympia.

With Yates’s retirement from bodybuilding competition in 1997 – after winning his sixth straight Olympia title – the field was wide open. Great competitors such as Shawn Ray, Ken (Flex) Wheeler, Kevin Levrone and Nasser El Sonbaty each were poised and ready to claim the trophy they had waited so long for.

However, a dark horse who was considered nothing more than a top ten competitor had other ideas. Placing ninth the year before, Ronnie Coleman gave it his all in 1998 with a view to cracking the coveted top six.

He instead came away the victor with a physique displaying size and shape that had never before been seen on any pro stage, thus signalling yet another bodybuilding era. Throughout his eight-year reign as champion – equalling the challenge set by Lee Haney six years prior to Ronnie’s first big win – Coleman was virtually untouchable.

His 2003 effort – where he competed at almost 290 pounds, shredded – is today widely considered the greatest single performance of any Olympia winner.

Though he made the classic mistake of coming back in 2007 after he had given his best – and was, in placing fourth, soundly beaten by eventual winner Jay Cutler – Coleman is still regarded by many as the greatest bodybuilder of all time.

From an objective standpoint he presented the greatest single collection of desirable attributes needed to win a Olympia title (including great proportions, freaky size and conditioning and an overwhelming onstage presence) – by pure bodybuilding terms alone a strong case could be made for Ronnie Coleman being the best Olympian ever.

Jay Cutler: 2006-07, 2009

Jay Cutler At The 2009 Olympia.Jay Cutler At The 2009 Olympia.

Ronnie Coleman’s long-time nemesis Jay Cutler had fought the eight-time champ hard since 2001, where he seemingly came from nowhere to almost dethrone the titleholder.

In 2006 his hard work paid great dividends: he captured his first Olympia title fighting off several hungry contenders, at least two of which represented a throwback to the shape and aesthetics rewarded several decades earlier: Dexter Jackson and Melvin Anthony.

With muscle mass on an almost equal par with Coleman, without, it must be said, Ronnie’s great balance and shape, Cutler brought a peeled physique to the 2006 Olympia stage and was thusly rewarded.

A popular Olympia champion, Cutler is also the only competitor to have claimed the title back after losing it (to Dexter Jackson in 2008). With all muscle groups fully developed, sheer size is Cutler’s biggest advantage, though he is known for being blocky around the midsection, which detracts from his overall aesthetics.

With modern-day champions in the form of Kai Greene and Phil Heath nipping at his heels he will face a great deal of pressure in retaining his title in 2010.

Dexter Jackson: 2008

Dexter Jackson At The 2008 Olympia.Dexter Jackson At The 2008 Olympia.

In 2007 Jay Cutler came off his best form and was lucky indeed to win his second consecutive Olympia title.

In 2008 he repeated this mistake and was justly defeated by next-in-line Dexter Jackson, a smaller competitor with near-flawless development, full, huge muscle bellies and the best conditioning seen since Yates ruled the stage.

A three-time Arnold Classic winner (pro bodybuilding’s second biggest prize), Jackson always had Olympia-level credentials.

Winning the title was simply a question of timing. In 2008 the timing was right and the best package won and in doing so the pendulum seemed to have swung back to aesthetics over size, quality over quantity (based on the fact that larger Olympia winners tend to be rewarded even when they are clearly off, as had happened to Haney, Coleman and Cutler on at least one occasion for each).

Though Jackson’s victory was short-lived, his win was a wake up call to all competitors: come in shape or perish.

The Champions Speak


Before announcing the greatest ever, read whom past pro champions feel is the best Mr. Olympia to ever pose down on an IFBB stage. These men whose comments follow have all experienced the exhilaration of victory at bodybuilding’s highest echelons and are legends in their own right. Several came extremely close to wining an Olympia title of their own.

For me, the guy who impressed me most was Sergio Oliva in 1972, and he did not even win the Mr. Olympia that year. To me, Sergio was only the truly genetic freak that the world of bodybuilding has ever seen.

Sergio achieved his level of development knowing absolutely nothing about diet or nutrition, working long hours at a manual job, and only using Dianabol. The reason I believe he was the best is just that his body responded to what he had available.

The first time I saw Sergio, he weighed 197 lbs. I measured his waist at 27″ and each of his thighs measured 29″ – this was in 1966. He was so much better than anyone else, if he would have not been allowed to pose, and every one else posed their asses off, he would still easily have won.

Boyer Coe
IFBB pro bodybuilding legend
Mr. Universe, Mr. America, Mr. World

Without any doubt I feel the best Mr. Olympia winner ever is Ronnie Coleman. If you take a look at Coleman in his prime, compared to any one of the other Mr. Olympia winners in theirs, you could say that Ronnie had more size and hardness and greater longevity.

Also, the very strong and great Ronnie made the most improvements of all bodybuilders while in the amateur ranks and he established, with his very impressive physique, his absolute hegemony and domination in bodybuilding.

Ronnie did not act arrogant or confrontational with anyone and he was patient as a man and as an athlete. Ronnie was the right man at the right time, but also he was, independent of this, in his prime, simply the best bodybuilder ever. I do not see anyone like Ronnie Coleman showing up on a bodybuilding stage, not even for several decades.

Nasser El Sonbaty
IFBB pro bodybuilding legend
1999 Arnold Classic winner

I’d have to say for me the most dominating and inspiring Mr. Olympia was “Totalee Awesome”, Lee Haney! It was one day after my 23rd Birthday in 1988 and I had found myself backstage warming up to compete against the then reigning three time Mr. Olympia Lee Haney, knowing full well I was looking at the evening’s eventual winner.

Lee competed at a time in bodybuilding where every pro was a threat to the throne and all of them had legions of fans across the globe. What Lee did for the fans and the inspiration he gave to future professionals cannot be matched.

It is my personal opinion that bodybuilding’s Golden Years were in the 80s and early 90s, of which Lee sat atop his throne as a worthy champion revered and respected by all. That speaks volumes as to where we are now as a sport and the perception of our Olympia champions by comparison to his time. Lee is and was the best Mr. Olympia I have ever had the pleasure to come across as a man and athlete.

Shawn Ray
IFBB pro bodybuilding legend
1991 Arnold Classic winner
NPC National’s champion

For my money the best two Mr. Olympia winners of all time are Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronnie Coleman. Their respective contributions to professional bodybuilding are great.

Lou Ferrigno
IFBB pro bodybuilding legend

In my opinion the best Mr. Olympia winner of all time was Ronnie Coleman, especially when Ronnie was in top condition shape, dry and shredded. At that time, Ronnie even managed to combine aesthetics and size; he then personified the best total package to win the Mr. Olympia.

The physique of Ronnie was a composite of full muscle bellies, distinctive separation, density and definition, all in perfect proportion and with symmetry – his small waist and narrow bones made him appear even bigger than he really was.

Francis Benfatto
IFBB pro bodybuilding legend

Real life Angle falls from the sky

A human like “Angel” has fallen out of the skies over London. The



extremely human like creature with what seems to be “angel” wings as arms appears to have fallen from the sky at around 1:50pm this afternoon.
The ‘Angel’ like creature was quickly rushed away by what seemed to be undercover police officers dressed in suits and sunglasses, resembling the characters in the hit movie Men in Black.
It comes just hours before NASA announced finding ‘Earth 2.0′ the most habitable planet ever discovered.
All a little freaky if you ask me.


The writer

The NHL’s Growth Problem (How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Non-Traditional Market Pt 1)

Deep in the Heart of Hockey

As I’ve mentioned before, I come from a marketing background. It’s what gave me a basis for all my analytical work, and why I find the “business” side of hockey just as appealing as the “play” side of hockey – I’ve always been curious about how and why people spend their money.

A lot of people think marketing is just putting together advertising campaigns like in Mad Men, and while ads are certainly an important part of what marketers do, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Think of marketing like this – psychology, but for profit.

Through marketing operations, companies are attempting to create an emotional connection with their audience in order to influence the purchasing patterns and pricing thresholds of that audience.

This is what brings me to the NHL and how it differs from most of the professional sports leagues in the USA. I say USA a) because Canada’s…

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